Who We Are

We should bring Beauty into the lives of the voiceless innocent animals because they bring beauty into ours.

     When I look into the faces of the voiceless innocent animals I experience the deep rooted need to protect them. No matter what I say or what I do, nothing is ever enough. I realize the depth of a need to insure that our domesticated animals are treated with love, kindness, and respect. That is the least we can do for sentient beings who will love us unconditionally. They want only to be fed, to have water, and to be loved. it is just that simple. I also find myself contemplating the needs of the animals who are not domesticated. What do they most need from us? Mostly they need to be allowed to live their natural lives without it being molested by humans. Non domesticated animals need to be allowed to have their natural habitat in which to live and propagate. There is no reason for human kind to encroach on their habitats. We have more than enough room to live without doing so.

     This brings me to my entire reason for founding AAIWS (Animal Abuser Identification Warning System.) Yearly Billions of animals suffer abuses, and many die without ever knowing the kindness and comfort that they so richly deserve. They deserve to know warmth, kindness, love, and consideration. That is often considered to be the basic human need, but all living beings innately need to know these basic things. AAIWS is an organization which will fight with every fiber to insure that all sentient living animals has those things, and to insure that those who harm, abuse, exploit, and kill them will face stiff legal penalties for their unkind and cruel actions against those who can not speak out for themselves. Here at AAIWS, we are the voice for the voiceless. We speak out for them when they are not able to do so for themselves. Being a member here costs the members nothing at all. All it will cost you is the short moments it will take for you to click links which will add your name to a petition, or which will aid in demanding that the abusers are caught and harshly punished. Our only desire is to help the forgotten who can not help themselves.

The sales of this Merchandise creates Revenue with which to help the animals who need us. Rather than ask for donations I have created these to sell, and I take any cash collected from the sales and I put it entirely into animal causes, rather than pocketing a single cent. This is but a small way that AAIWS works to make life better for the animals who are abused, neglected, or killed. We seek to help them also by demanding better laws to protect them, and harsher punishments for their abusers. We also donate money to no kill shelters for abandoned animals and for feral animals who will never be cleared to adopt out to a caring loving home.